Business Storytelling

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The strength of the story.

Passion, commitment, values ​​and history are just some of the aspects that make each company unique.
Storytelling enables you to bring out the vision, knowhow, quality and emotions behind your business.

To help you create and strengthen the bond between workers, clients, the local area, and your company

How many times have you thought, “I’ve spent my life working, I could write a book”?
We love businesses, we love their ability to transform the landscape; to fight, survive, and adapt to change.
We especially love the people who create and drive them. That’s why we like to tell their story, and share their feelings, values ​​and choices with an audience.
Tell us your story, and we’ll turn it into a show, video or photographic exhibition, as you prefer.
Doing so will make your company event, founding anniversary, or client/staff evening unique and exciting.

Because your story is unique, and it’s worth telling.

Some of Zelda’s story-telling projects:

STARLIGHT settemillimetridiuniverso

narration, 2016
in collaboration with the National Astrophysics Institute

A show devoted to the birth of astrophysics in Italy.
The performance of Starlight at the Genoa Science Festival was recorded and broadcast on the RAI School channel…


narration and music, 2016
Client: Mgr Andrea Giacinto Longhin Association and the Parish of St. Nicola in Fiumicello
A show dedicated to Blessed Mgr Andrea Giacinto Longhin, with the participation of the Third Era Youth Orchestra from Treviso.

IL MULINO DI DIO casse campane bande e trattori

narration and music, 2012
Client: Cultural Office, Campodarsego Council
A show dedicated to the Campodarsego area, created with contributions from local historians, organizations, businesses and citizens. With reference to Carraro S.p.a., Maschio Gaspardo, Banca di Credito Cooperativo dell’Alta Padovana, and Valigerie Roncato.

video di Raffaella Rivi, musiche di Ivan Tibolla