Innovative Training

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Engaging, stimulating and
effective methods for your team.

We offer alternative, practical, engaging and effective training pathways that pair the creativity of theatre, video, and the performing arts with companies’ operational needs.

Through our methodology we unleash your team’s latent potential, facilitating reflection; stimulating creativity; preparing them for change, conflict resolution, and problem solving; and strengthening leadership, listening, and effective delegation skills.

You can work on your employees’ soft skills using methods which are original but achieve your goals.
Each programme will be agreed on and defined with the client, in order to best meet your needs while respecting company policies.

Note: Filippo Tognazzo graduated with Honours from DAMS in Bologna, holds a Masters in Theatrical Languages and Techniques in Education from Bicocca University of Milan and is Associate Professor of Business Theatre in the Management department at Ca’Foscari University. He will personally oversee your training programme.

Some training programmes developed by Zelda:


Corsi ECM project: theatrical activity to improve doctor-patient relationships and develop the role play IL SEGRETO, on obesity treatment.
Client: CongressLab – American Express UVET Group


Corsi ECM project: Creating live clinical cases to improve doctor-patient relationships and simulate different types of intervention.
Client: CongressLab – American Express UVET Group


Screenplay for training video on doctor-patient relationships.
Client: CongressLab – American Express UVET Group


Musical Reading for ECM training conference on clinical intervention in alcoholism and alcohol-related problems.
Client: Dolo (VE) Alcohol Centre


Participation in the MEET THE NEET project promoted by the Veneto Region and ANPA, aimed at young Venetian students who aren’t working, studying or seeking employment.
The workshop, conceived and led by Filippo Tognazzo, was developed through an original storytelling work that combined games, creativity and live design, to provide participants with a path towards self-awareness.
Client: Veneto Region.