Public Speaking

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For executives, managers and employees

People aren’t all the same, they are wonderfully unique.

No, we aren’t going to teach you how to always get your own way or persuade others.

And you won’t become the world’s best salesperson thanks to your language skills and aggressive approach.
Why? Quite simply, because we have respect for people and we know that in communication it’s essential to consider the human element.
What we can help you do is articulate and effectively organize your speech, and present it clearly by learning how to handle objections. All this through a practical, entertaining and engaging method that puts LISTENING, RELATIONSHIPS, CREATIVITY and students’ own APTITUDES at its centre.
A stressful experience thus becomes a fulfilling and creative one.

Filippo Tognazzo graduated with Honours from DAMS in Bologna, holds a Masters in Theatrical Languages and Techniques in Education from Bicocca University of Milan and is Associate Professor of Business Theatre in the Management department at Ca’Foscari University. He will personally oversee your training programme.

Download a PDF of our 2017 Public Speaking courses
Courses in:
  • PUBLIC SPEAKING (for groups)
  • INDIVIDUAL COACHING (customised programmes)
  • POWER SPEAKING (for those who have a presentation tomorrow…)

Some courses organized by Zelda:

FAMELAB talking science

International science communication talent show for scientists under 40
Clients: National Astrophysics Institute and Pleaiadi Group

Public speaking course for participants in the Padua trials, since 2015


Client: Ca ‘Foscari University Foundation
Public speaking course for students, 2017


Client: Atelier della Formazione
Individual coaching for senior company managers, 2017

Feedback on our public speaking courses:

“A powerful and stimulating experience. I recommend this course not only to those who, like me, want to “challenge” their fear of an audience but also to those who simply want to improve their way of communicating. You learn to handle fear and turn it into positive energy.”

Valentina Grandin, HR Lavoropiù

An experiential workshop that transformed my expressiveness, pushing me towards my maximum potential in terms of incisiveness, efficacy and pathos.

Silvia Lignana Bellandi, owner of Linnea environmental and landscape consultancy

The pleasure of regaining self-confidence. A course that was anything but predictable. Interesting and entertaining. Filippo has the ability to draw out every individual’s character, heart and talent.”

Margherita Greco, Margherita Greco, Research Fellow at Ca ' Foscari University, Venice, in collaboration with VEASYT